Aerial view of St. Michael's by Matt Sheldon

Sundays & Services


church candlesSt Michael’s church on the hill is the meeting point for a thriving congregation of diverse people of all ages, from the parish and beyond, for Sunday services and more. We are committed to worshipping God together, exploring and growing in a meaningful and life-changing faith, sharing fun and fellowship, serving our local community in many different ways and helping others to find out about Jesus.

Our main Worship for All service is 10.30am on Sunday mornings - and you can learn more about activities for children, music and prayer.  For directions to church click here.

If you are new to our church, or any church, you’ll no doubt be wondering what to expect? Well, our Sunday congregation often has an age range from 8 weeks to 80 years so you won’t feel out of place whatever your age! In a typical service we will sing together, hear the Bible being read and someone will explain a little of what that means for our daily lives, there will be opportunities for prayer and roughly every other week we share bread and wine as we celebrate Holy Communion. Services last between an hour and an hour and a half, after which most people stay to chat and socialise over tea and coffee. Children are specially catered for with engaging age-appropriate activities at Sunday School during part of the service, or they can happily be with their family in church throughout any of our services.

There are always different people ‘on-duty’ each week who meet people at the door, welcome people, ensure everyone has service sheets or anything else they need and answer any questions. Visitors frequently comment how welcome the church made them feel from their very first visit.

We want people to feel comfortable when they come to church. So no one has to do anything, say anything or give anything they are not comfortable with - just come and experience what church is all about. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and don’t feel obliged to give anything when the collection plate comes round - that’s really for our regular church members to support the work and life of the church.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to be a religious person or already a Christian to be interested in what goes on in a church. The regular members of our church are all Christians, and we love having visitors wherever they are in their search for God and meaning in life.  No one will judge you. We want you to feel completely at home.

Do come and join us at this, your local church!  We are here for you.

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