Memorial Garden

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30 years ago Mottram Church established a Memorial Garden in a tranquil part of the churchyard with wonderful views over the Longdendale Valley. The Memorial Garden is reserved for the burial of ashes and lasting memorial for departed loved ones.

The right of burial of cremated remains in the Memorial Garden is open to all parishioners and to those whose names were entered on the Parish Electoral Roll at the time of death, whether parishioners or not. The Vicar has sole discretion in other cases.

To enquire about the burial of ashes please speak to Kate Best
Telephone:  01457 857248  or click here to contact Kate

Click here to download our leaflet about the Memorial Garden. This includes an application form for the burial of cremated remains, a summary of the rules of the garden, and details of the stonemason who should be consulted to obtain a memorial tablet. The leaflet also includes an application form for an entry into our Book of Remembrance.