Aerial view of St. Michael's by Matt Sheldon


A large stately building of immemorial antiquity” - this was John Aiken’s opinion of Mottram Church over 200 years ago. Who would describe it otherwise today? The parish is understandably proud of its parish church of St Michael's which has stood in proudly in some form atop War Hill for over 500 years, a perpetual symbol of God's presence in the heart of the community for generations and the focus of countless acts of worship, family celebrations and services.

Over the years the church buildings have continued to change along with its congregation, and have been rebuilt and refurbished with numerous historic monuments and furnishings, reflecting changing times and adapting to the needs of worshipers and the parish.

If you are interested in helping to maintain our two buildings and their grounds, we have two teams - the Buildings Maintenance Team and the Grounds Maintenance Team - who organise working parties throughout the year. If you are interested in helping with this work (no obligation to turn out every time!), please contact Tony Kershaw on 01457 765350 or click here to contact Tony.

You can discover more about our two principal buildings here:

St. Michael and All Angels' Church, Mottram.

The Magdalene Centre (formally St. Mary Magdalene), Broadbottom.

The Friends of Mottram Church was formed as a means for people of the village, those who have lived in Mottram in the past, or members of the congregation, all of whom have affection for the historic church, to support and contribute towards the upkeep of this wonderful building and the work of the church in sharing the good news of Jesus with the parish.  Click here to find out more about The Friends

If your family's history is also represented in the church's monuments, adornments or graveyard then you can discover how to explore this on our Family History page.

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