Living Advent Calendar windows

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What better way to work out, than walking around Mottram Parish looking out for the specially decorated windows of our Living Advent Calendar. There should be 24 of them by Christmas Eve. For a list of all the windows, dates, themes and addresses, see the Christmas page on this website.

If you can take a photo that'll be even better. Send your photos to us - email them to photos@ (all our email addresses* end with and we'll put them in the album.

*We've broken up all the email addresses on this website, for spam protection.

There are 51 photos for this gallery.
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1st December - Mary and the Angel 2nd December - The Magnificat 9th December - Candles
5th December - The Census 12th December - Donkey 11th December - Dove of Peace
15th December - Christmas Tree 2nd December - The Magnificat 14th December - Christingle
13th December - a lamb 19th December - Angels 17th December - Shepherds and sheep
4th December - Winter Scene 4th December- Winter Scene 4th December - Winter Scene
15th December - Christmas Tree 18th December - Bethlehem 12th December - Donkey
6th December - St. Nicholas 6th December - St. Nicholas 3rd December - Peace on Earth
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